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TOMEI ARMS-M7760 Turbocharger

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Tomei ARMS-M7760-02

Tomei Powered USA is proud to announce the release of their ARMS-M7760 Bolt-On Turbocharger for the EJ25!

Tomei has done some serious testing on this guy for quite some time now, and now, here at EDO Performance, we will be conducting our very own tests of this turbo on our own cars! Of course, the necessary steps to prepping the test vehicle has to be done. We have already selected our candidate and will be performing the pre-runs, installation, post-run, and tune all within this week!

You can count on yours truly to deliver the up-to-the-minute scoop and details of the installation. But hey, how about some more pictures of the beauty?

Tomei ARMS-M7760-03

Tomei ARMS-M7760-04

Things to look forward to:

– Side by Side comparison of a stock STi turbo to the Tomei ARMS M7760
– Dyno tune results of Tomei ARMS M7760 turbo (with supporting mods)
– Initial impressions from STi owner, Greg Wiist
– In car video
– TONS of pictures!

Needless to say, I’m going to have my hands full. Stay tuned!

SubieTech 2-Year Anniversary!

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Downey, California – (April 20, 2008) SubieTech hosted a car show at their facility to celebrate their 2-Year Anniversary! The main lot was filled with over 70 cars, and over 200 Subaru’s showed up! Major thanks to SubieTech and their sponsors for hosting this spectacular event!

For more information and pictures regarding this event, feel free to head over to

Tomei Expreme Equal Length Exhaust Manifold

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Tomei Equal Length - 01

Tomei’s newest addition to the ever so popular “Expreme” line- up is their equal length exhaust manifold for the EJ25! The 4-2-1 piping layout helps extract the absolute maximum power from your single scroll turbine. Exhaust gas pressure is best controlled with the equal length design, ensuring that power loss through the higher RPM is minimal.

Tomei Equal Length - 02

Installation on a 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STi

EJ25 Expreme Installed

Take this installation just as you would any other exhaust manifold installation. No additional oil pan is required for this installation as you’ll simply remove your stock manifold, and bolt on the Tomei Expreme Equal Length Exhaust Manifold! Of course, you might want to wrap the manifold to try and retain as much heat as you can in the manifold, and to avoid spreading the heat to the oil pan.

Installation on a 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX (2.0L)

WRX Owners should not fear, as it IS possible to install this particular exhaust manifold on your vehicle, just as long as you have the right parts. Luckily for you all, we already did the work for you so we know exactly what you’ll need: an oil pan off of the EJ25. A quick phone call to Ferdie@SouthCoastPerformance and an oil pan was en route to the shop!

EJ20 Oil Pan

As you can see, the EJ20 Oil Pan is blocky and doesn’t have the clearance needed to fit the piping design of the equal length manifold. Purchasing and installing the oil pan from the EJ25 will quickly solve that issue as it has a “dent” to clear for the piping design.

EJ25 Oil Pan

Initial Start-Up

I started the STi right after the installation, things have already cooled down so I could technically call this a cold-start. I noticed that the exhaust note was a bit deeper than normal. As the car warmed up a bit, the car seemed to have quieted down back to “normal.” That lovely Subaru “boxer rumble” can still be heard, and fades away as you step on the gas to rev the engine. But that sound is replaced with a more refined, race-car like exhaust note.

Driving Impressions

After a quick drive around the block to make sure things were all good to go, you’ll quickly notice the torque is spread across the entire RPM range. Normally, you’ll feel it all at one shot, but now it starts and power does not fade. Now, this is all according to the famous “Butt-Dyno”, but the car will be tuned and the results will be posted so you all can get a more accurate gain.

Now personally, I don’t miss the rumble as much as I said I would. I still hear it. The feel of the car now makes up for the loss in sound. I have no complaints by it whatsoever!

The Tomei Expreme Equal Length Exhaust Manifold is now available for purchase on our website! Click here.

Mature Carbon Fiber Diffusers (GDB)

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008


Our order of Mature Diffusers have arrived (finally!) and they’re insane! Ready for shipping for the price of $850 SHIPPED to the lower 48 States!


And in case you’re all wondering what they look like installed, here you go!


They shipped us 6, but one of them is already accounted for, so that leaves you all with 5 to order from!

HUGE Container from Japan!

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Our MASSIVE shipment of Zero/Sports goodies has finally arrived, along with some other nice JDM parts that we had on order!

JDM Container01

Some Zero/Sports Goodies!

JDM Container02

Body Kits anyone?

JDM Container03

Random Zero/Sports products: Exhausts, Downpipes, Sway Bars, Strut Tower Braces, Roll Center Adjusters, Intake Pipes, Roof Vanes, Intercooler Splitters, Radiator Shrouds, Radiator Caps, Radiator Hoses, Oil Filler Caps, and pretty much every other Zero/Sports product came in! Had to replenish the inventory for you all!

JDM Container04

Crazy JDM secret stuff…

JDM Container05

Anyone want to decipher the scribbles?

If there is anything in particular that you’d like us to import over from overseas, give us a shout! We have access to numerous contacts and if it’s made, we can get it!

REDLINE Time Attack 2008

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008
REDLINE Time Attack 2008 – Button Willow Raceway ParkBakersfield, California – (March 29-30, 2008) Driver Tyler McQuarrie in the CWest S2000 dominated the competition this weekend to take home 1st place in the RWD Unlimited Class and the title of Overall Grand Champion, in the 2008 REDLINE Time Attack event at Button Willow Raceway Park. His winning time was an astonishing 1:48.829 on configuration, lucky number 13.

Conditions seemed promising on Saturday with temperatures in the mid 70s, low 80s as drivers from all across Southern California took to the tarmac to perfect their race lines and fine tune their vehicles. Saturday was also a amazing opportunity for spectators and Time Attack fans alike to do some laps in an adrenaline charged, high speed ride-along with some of the series’ top drivers. “I went in with a white shirt, and came out brown“ said Time Attack fanatic, Greg Wiist after spinning at nearly 90mph off the track into the dirt field on his ride-along in a top-less Mazda Miata.

Sunday definitely proved to be a test of skill, as drivers battled cold track conditions and harsh desert winds for much of the morning practice session. Only those able to adapt were left standing. After drivers had a few hours to warm up, the official REDLINE Time Attack session began. Each of the 9 divisions were sent out in groups of 5-9 cars and given one warm-up lap, then three hot laps to run the fastest time possible.


Street Class AWD

1st JC Meynet, Harman Motive Subaru WRX STi 1:57.241

2nd Yang Tang, Lee Myles Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 2:01.625

3rd David Wheaton, LIC Motorsports Subaru WRX STi 2:02.467

Street Class RWD

1st Manly Kao, Track HQ Lotus Elise 2:01.178

2nd Robert Waker, Evasive Motorsports Honda S2000 2:01.218

3rd Kelvin Young, Evasive Motorsports Honda S2000 2:02.564

Street Class FWD

1st Billy Brooks, Cobb Mazdaspeed3 2:06.412

2nd Jason Nathan, Initial Impression Dodge Neon SRT-4 2:10.120

3rd Robert Bawdon, Honda Civic Si 2:18.163

Modified Class AWD

1st Dieter Heinz, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 1:56.423

2nd JC Meynet, Harman Motive Subaru WRX STi 1:56.645

3rd Lawrence Loshak, AMS Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 1:58.954

Modified Class FWD

1st Tim Kuo, SportCar Motion Honda Civic 1:58.751

2nd Nick Rondet, Skunk2 Racing Acura RSX Type-S 2:00.845

3rd Matt Bell, Garage Inc. Honda Civic 2:02.304

Unlimited Class RWD

1st Tyler McQuarrie, C-West Honda S2000 1:48.829

2nd Ernesto Roco, Hoosier Tire Ford Mustang 1:51.941

3rd Billy Johnson, MWorkz Nissan 350Z 1:52.337

Unlimited Class AWD

1st Brian Lock, GST Subaru Impreza 1:49.867

2nd Ryan Novak, Harman Motive Subaru WRX STi 2:08.779

Unlimited Class FWD

1st Tage Evanson, Kaaz Nitto Tire Honda Civic 1:58.328

Drift Class

1st Henry Shelley, Nissan S14 240SX 2:05

2nd Verena Mei, Nissan 350Z 2:11

This article was published on Monday 07 April, 2008.

Edo Performance/ Zero/Sports Race Car

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008


New lightweight batteries from Braille.