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EDO/ZeroSports body kit kills it again!

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

Edo Performance is always proud to be sponsor for Harman Motive Racing Race Car, piloted by JC Meynet with the following results:

1st LTD/awd & LTD overall Superlap Battle at Firebird (track record) 4-11-09
1st LTD/awd & LTD overall Superlap Battle LTD/awd Willow Springs (track record) 5-24-09
1st MOD/awd & MOD overall Redline Time Attack Willow Springs (track record) 5-31-09

Laying down some power stripes……


Zerosports Front Bumper Shot with Modification


Zerosports Side Skirt

Zerosports Rear Bumper Spoiler

350Z Tomei Poncam with Custom Tuning

Monday, August 17th, 2009

I am quite excited that this is our result for a 350Z equipped with Tomei Poncam 256 degree, 10.22mm lift, Skunk 2 spacer plenum and Edo ported intake manifold.


On 91 pump gas, this is what we got: