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M7 Wins D1 Grand Prix Round 6 / M7 & EDO is now official partnership

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

M7 Racing Team wins again at 2010 D1 Grand Prix Round 6!

D1 Grand Prix 2010 Round 6 was home at Ebisu Circuit, Japan on 8th of August. M7 Racing Team took over the majority of the podium with Youichi Imamura taking first in his Nissan Silvia S15 and Masao Suenaga taking first runner up in his Mazda RX-7 FD3S. The Round 7 Finale will return to Fuji Speedway on 16th and 17th of October. Imamura’s victory at Round 6 gives him a good hand to be crowned in Finale.









See the Round 6 results here:

With M7’s big win, they have also announced EDO Performance as their official partnership in USA and UK.

M7 Japan and EDO Performance is now Official Partner!

M7 JAPAN is proud to announce that EDO PERFORMANCE (USA) and EDO PERFORMANCE (EUROPE) as the sole distributor for M7 products in the USA and EUROPE respectively.






Under the distributorship right, EDO Performance will promote, retail, and wholesale M7 Products under M7 USA and M7 UK for their respective regions. Together with this announcement, websites for M7 USA ( and M7 UK ( are launched.

EDO will be stocking M7 products of over US$200,000 value to cater all sport compact cars need, such as Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Nissan GTR / Fairlady Z, Mazda RX8, Honda Civic / Integra Type R, Lexus IS250, Mazda RX8, Mini Cooper, Suzuki, and much more.

About M7…

M7 was formed in Japan manufacturing world-class automotive products. Since launching in 2006, M7 has aggressively pushed an ever-expanding line of revolutionary automotive products, focusing on improving performance and operational efficiency in all aspects. Today, M7 is one of the fastest growing brands in the industry.

M7 founder’s philosophy “To use racing to prove M7 products” drive them to heavily involved in world-class motorsports. Team M7 has established which supports championship-winning teams in the D1 Grand Prix Japan and Super GT Championship, other international racing drivers and motorsports disciplines from Drag racing to Formula car racing.

Recruiting Driver for Super Lap Battle Series

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

M7 Japan / EDO Performance are currently recruiting local Southern California driver and car to race for the final round at Super Lab Battle Series on November 10th, 2010. In return you will receive sponsored entry cost, exposure and much more. For those interested, please submit driver and car profile at We will respond after your information has been reviewed. Thank you.
Here’s the official link of SLB Series

Tomioka Racing on Mitsubishi Owners Day 2010

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Cypress, CaliforniaTomioka Racing was present during Mitsubishi Owners Day 2010 showcasing our product lines for the Mitsubishi Evolution VIII/IX/X. This was our first appearance at one of the most anticipated Mitsubishi events of the year. From our humble beginning with just one product line, the Tomioka Racing Super Slope, Tomioka Racing has gown its product lines to include exhaust and engine components.

The day started at 7 in the morning for our team to set –up the booth and displays. Within few hours, the lot at the Mitsubishi Motors of North America was packed with manufacturers and enthusiasts. Among the day’s events were the Dyno Challenge and DSport “Best of Show” award. There were also plenty of display vehicles from the first generation Eclipse, the classic Mitsubishi Starion, 3000GT to modern Evolution sport sedans.

To spice the day, Tomioka Racing offered generous Sponsorship prices exclusively for the MOD 2010 attendees on its Mitsubishi Evolution products. Products on the sponsorship offers include the exhaust manifolds for the Evolution X 4B11 and Evolution VIII/IX 4G63, cat-back exhaust and divorced-type downpipe for the Evolution X 4B11, TD06-20G turbocharger for the Evolution VIII/IX 4G63. In addition to exhaust components and turbocharger, Tomioka Racing also brought its signature product, the Tomioka Super Slope, to raise our JDM-themed Evolution IX on display by 3-inches off the ground. We also showcased the TR Performance light-weight batteries. The batteries weight at just 6 lbs with options to go all the way to 21 lbs for those who need serious cranking amperage with some weight reductions.

Tomioka Racing was founded in 2006 with manufacturing of racing ramps to help customers raise the lowered vehicles by 3-inches off the ground to make rooms for car jack tools.  Tomioka Racing ramp has one of the most compact designs in the industry, weighing just 10 lbs for a pair of ramp. Ever since the launch of racing ramps, the company has established network of dealers in USA and international distributors in the United Kingdom, Turkey, Australia and Asia. Following its success, Tomioka launched another compact product, the TR performance light-weight battery in 2009. The battery is 100% made in USA and 100% recyclable.  It utilizes the Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) technology and offers dual mounting installation positions. 2010 has been exciting year for Tomioka with the release of fuel rail kit for the Evolution X 4B11 and final drive gear set. Please check with your local Tomioka Racing dealers for the availability of Tomioka Racing products nearest to you.