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M7 on 2010 GT-R Meet in Japan

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

M7 at 2010 GT-R meet in Japan. Here is the article on GT-R magazine Vol. 95. English translation to come. Stay tuned for more !

GT-R Vol 95 GTR Magazine Vol 953456

M7 Performance Magazine Advertisement

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Here is where to get M7 in Malaysia and neighboring Asian countries :)

Contact M7 Japan ( and M7 USA ( for your nearest dealer.

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M7 Team Won in Round 5, Sugo Circuit Japan

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

M7 Racing Team becomes a Winner in Round 5 at Sugo Circuit Japan on Sept 25-26th, 2010.

Subiefest 2010 at Willow Spring Raceway – Rosamond, California

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Subiefest 2010 was successfully held on last Saturday, October 9, 2010 at Willow Spring Raceway. It was a sunny day with comfort temperature, followed by the chilled and rainy weather for past couple days. About 8 am early morning, cars have already lined up by the entrance and the drivers started practicing at race track.

As the master distributor of M7 USA and Tomioka Racing, also one of the main sponsor of Subiefest, EDO Performance was taking this opportunity to displaying full line of Subaru products such as M7 gauges, intercooler kit, oil catch tank, oil filters, and racing oils; TR turbos, exhaust manifolds, and light-weight batteries; Cusco strut bars, sway bars, motor and tranny mounts; Zero Sports radiator shrouds, intercooler splitters, cool thermos, and radiator caps; Motul racing fluids. M7 and TR also offered partial sponsorship signup to the public.

Another highlight was our show car “EDO 400”, 2008 Subaru Impreza STi that installed with variety of performance parts:

M7 T-Titan Sports Muffler

M7 Downpipe

M7 Super Street Performance Damper

M7 Intercooler Kit

M7 Racing Meter: Boost, EGT, Pressure, Temperature

M7 Power Flow Filter

M7 Rear Brake Pad (700)

TR TD05-20G Turbo

TR Equal Length Manifold

Cusco Front & Rear Sway Bars

Cusco Lower Arm Bars

Cusco Rear OS Strut Bars

Zero Sports Intercooler Splitter

Zero Sports Carbon Fiber Alternator Cover

Zero Sports Bumper

Sashin at the MC stage next to our booth was announcing the events highlights, introducing all the sponsors, and more attractively, giving out raffle items throughout the day. EDO contributed M7 Super B5 Brake Fluid, TR Timing Belt Guides, and a pair of TR Ramps worth of $200 value. EDO also sponsored entry for JC Meynet to race for Unlimited Class at Subiefest. Since 2008, JC with his 550 horsepower 2006 STi has been on excellent standing for many time attack events.

Not to forget mention the great detailing work done by Ryan O’sullivan, Executive Look to polish and shine up our “EDO 400” as the most stunning show car that attracted public. Since the announcement of M7 & TR is launching to USA earlier this year, many Subaru enthusiasts came by to our booth to check out the parts and the show car.

The event wrapped up around 6pm with the grand raffle item and award ceremony for all the champions of different classes. The Subiefest 2010 is one of the biggest Subie events ever this year with 16 vendors, 200 more public showed up, and about 20 Subaru attended for car show competition. EDO will come back next year for sure!

M7 GTR R600 @ Fuji speedway

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

September 19, 2010 – M7 GTR R600 test at Fuji Speedway for GTR magazine. Tested & proven by Nobuteru Taniguchi.