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So-cal Import Summer Daze

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

EDO Performance was present at the So-Cal Import Summer Daze, City of Industry on Sunday, September 26, presented by JDM Sports and Elite Autosports.  The event attracted about 30 vendors and over 200 attendees.
Way before the event started, the event site was filled with all kind of show cars, from the glamor black Ferrari, stunning slide-door Mercedes, to well-modified JDM cars.

The event officially started at 11.30pm.  Some of the highlights were show girls appearance, various of games and competitions for giveaway stuffs sponsored by vendors.  EDO gave away bunch of T-shirts and plate frames.

Also special thanks to our buddies for their time to display their car at our booth: Mike Baker’s Red Subaru STi and Mike Abayani’s Black Subaru WRX.

Here are some pictures from the event, check out our Facebook page for more pictures! FACEBOOK LINK


Choosing Turbo for Mitsubishi Evolution X

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Here is some information for consumers who are thinking of upgrading Mitsubishi Evolution X turbo for larger turbo to achieve power beyond 400 wheel horsepower. Most consumers will wonder how much more power can I expect? How much turbo lag will I experience? What’s the top end power I can achieve?

Well, how much power consumers can expect depends on other supporting mods that he/she is considering. Upgrading the turbo only without other support mods is not helping much. Remember that the engine is as strong as its weakest link.

In terms of turbo lag, larger turbo will experience slower spool rate compared to factory turbo. But what’s lost in spool time, larger turbo makes up in the top end power. Turbo manufacturers spend great deal of time and investment on compressor & turbine blade profile and materials to improve its spool rate and achieve top end power to withstand higher boost. Some manufacturers rebuild the stock turbo by replacing the cartridge with improved compressor & turbine blade design.

As far as how much power can consumer achieve? Remember, the larger the turbo, it can hit higher power but it needs the right combination of mods and engine tuning to make it happen.

Garrett 3076 Turbo

Blouch Dominator XT 2.0 Turbo

Tomioka Racing Sigma Turbo




























Below are dyno graphs of Garrett 3076 Dual Ball Bearing, Blouch Dominator XT 2.0 and Tomioka Racing Sigma Turbo. All of these turbos are non-modified stock turbo. They are installed on similar supporting mods upgraded fuel injectors, exhaust manifold, downpipe, test-pipe, fuel pump, inlet hose with upper & lower intercooler piping. Each of the Evo X GSR is operating at similar level of boost.

Sigma Vs GT3076









Orange line is Garrett 3076 and red line is Sigma turbo. The ball bearing Garrett turbo spools little faster and has power advantage over the area circled in blue around 4000-6000 RPM. In the top end RPM, the Sigma turbo manages to catch-up with the might of the ball bearing turbo. Similar performance is reflected on the torque graph where the ball-bearing turbo holds torque advantage over 4000 – 6000 RPM but levels off over 6000RPM. The main difference is the price tags of the turbo. Garrett 3076 Dual Ball Bearing is priced at $2,073 and the Sigma turbo is at $1,599. For those consumers who have made up their mind with ball bearing set-up, Garrett 3076 is the way to go. For those who are more budget-conscious and still looking to achieve power beyond 400whp, they should give the Sigma turbo a shot. Being larger than the stock turbo, both the Garrett 3076 and Sigma turbo are laggier than stock turbo.

Sigma Vs Blouch XT









Between Blouch Dominator XT 2.0 turbo and Sigma turbo, things are little similar.  The turbo spools at same rate in the 3000 – 3750 RPM but Blouch turbo experiences a surge between 3750 – 4500RPM. Beyond 4500RPM, both turbos are virtually tied but the Sigma turbo manages to hold its power on the top-end over the Blouch Dominator XT 2.0.

These graphs are meant to help consumers out there looking for turbo upgrade. Bear in mind that different manufacturer of dyno reads power differently i.e there will be deviations in the power reading. Even within the same dyno manufacturer, there will also be slight deviations in reading due to various calibration method applied the initial set-up of the dyno.



EDO Performance Sponsor at SoCal Import Summer Daze 2011

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

September 20, 2011

EDO Performance

Huntington Beach, CA – Edo Performance is proud to announce the attendance on 2001 So-Cal Import Summer Daze. Presented by JDM Sports and Elite Autosports, the event expects approximately 30 vendors to participate. There will be food trucks on the event that offers varieties choice of food and not to mention raffle drawing donated by all the sponsors. The event will be held on Sunday, September 25 starting from 11AM to 7PM, located at the huge lot in City of Industry, just off Highway 10 & Hwy 605.

Edo Performance will have a 20’ x 10’ booth, displaying all Tomioka Racing product lines, such as Turbos, Exhaust Manifolds, Catback Systems, Performance Light-Weight Racing Batteries, and all other cool performance parts. In spirits of celebration, Edo Performance is offering promotional discounts on all Tomioka Racing products, Motul lubricants and Zero/Sports products. Check out Tomioka Racing 2008 Subaru STi on display powered with the bolt-on TD05-20G turbo, exhaust manifold, downpipe, 800cc fuel injectors and many other Tomioka Racing performance enhancing products capable of 400 horsepower. Besides performance engine parts, be sure to check out the Subaru engine dress-ups products from Zero/Sports that will enhance the looks of Subaru.

As a Subaru and Mitsubishi one –stop service and retail center, Edo Performance is giving vouchers for $100-off dyno tuning and 10%-off installation to the event attendees. Be sure not to miss the savings during the event. Drop by at our booth to receive free promotional items.

EDO Performance, based in Huntington Beach, California is a one-stop retail and service center for Subaru and Mitsubishi. We are also distributor for various JDM products. EDO Performance not only has been providing import services for many high quality brand name Japanese aftermarket automobile performance products since 2003 but has also managed the sales channel distribution in North America.  In order to fully provide the best sales channel distribution possible and maintain the most efficient logistics, EDO Performance has a showroom and a fully stocked warehouse in Orange County, CA.


For more information on this event, go to

TR TD06-20G w/ 3 Inlet Turbo for Subaru Impreza & Forester

Thursday, September 15th, 2011
Tomioka Racing
Looking to put out some high end power? Take a look at the TR TD06-20G Turbo, this turbo features a 3 inch inlet allowing higher air flow than the standard 2.4 inch inlet on the factory size turbo. This turbo comes with a heavy duty internal wastegate ready to make high end power! Please note in order to install this turbo you will have to get a 2.4 to 3 inch reducer inlet coupler and install TGV deletes to clear the manifold. Email Us! Follow Us

NEW RELEASE: TR TD06-20G Turbo for Subaru Impreza, Legacy & Forester

Thursday, September 15th, 2011
Tomioka Racing
Introducing the largest available bolt on turbo replacement for the VF42 and VF52 turbo. The TR TD06-20G turbo is designed for the newer models of Subaru with fly by throttle turbo design. This turbo is made for high end power while maintaining the bolt in design so no additional modication is necessary. This turbo can handle up to 500HP for all your racing needs. Upgraded engine internal is heavily recommended for this turbo. Email Us! Follow Us

Mitsubishi Evolution X 4B11 Two Stage Project with Tomioka Racing Sigma Turbo

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

This is a two stage project on 2008 Mitsubishi Evolution X GSR involving Tomioka Racing Exhaust Manifold, Widemouth downpipe, test pipe and the all new Sigma Turbocharger.

Official engine power and torque rating of 2008 Evolution X GSR are 290 HP and 300 pounds-feet respectively. We all know that those numbers slip when measured to the wheel horsepower and torque. Typical power and torque drop on dynapack dyno are 20%, so realistically we are looking at 232 whp and 240 pounds-feet of torque. This particular unturned Evolution X GSR achieved 245 whp and 241 pounds-feet of torque.

2008 Mitsubishi Evolution X GSR Stock Dyno










The first stage of the test were the installation of the tubular exhaust manifold and widemouth downpipe. The second stage installations were Tomioka Racing Sigma Turbocharger, High-Flow fuel rail and test pipe. Other supporting modifications included larger fuel pump, 1000cc fuel injectors and aftermarket lower and upper intercooler piping and Turbo inlet hose.

The Tomioka Racing tubular exhaust manifold for the Evo X is constructed from stainless steel 304 materials with larger piping diameter. The exhaust manifold is guaranteed to increase the exhaust flow efficiency of the 4B11 engine. The bolt-on exhaust manifold comes complete with gasket for easy installation. The mirror finish of the Tomioka exhaust manifold adds a stylish upgrade from the cast iron factory exhaust manifold.

Exhaust system upgrade is not complete without the addition of downpipe. The Tomioka exhaust manifold needs a matching downpipe to meet its increased exhaust flow.   The Tomioka Racing widemouth downpipe replaces both the factory housing and downpipe. The downpipe styles a wide-mouth opening bolted to the turbo exhaust housing and a 3-inch piping connected to the factory test pipe. In Tomioka style, the downpipe is constructed from stainless steel 304 materials and mirror finish that exhibit quality and top-notch craftsmanship. The downpipe comes complete with gaskets and hardware to bolt-on to factory Evolution X.

When the header and downpipe were installed on the GSR, it was ready to get tuned on the stage 1 upgrade. During the initial dyno pulls, the car ECU was definitely thrown off by the increased exhaust flow. With a little bit of tuning, this GSR achieved a peak power of 320whp and torque of 340 pounds-feet of torque on Dynapack dyno. The red arrows show the efficiency gained from the exhaust manifold and wide-mouth downpipe installation with engine tuning. The turbo spool is greatly improved with substantial gain on the low RPM power and torque.







With the success of stage 1 upgrade it was ready to move on to stage 2 modifications. Tomioka test pipe for the Evo X is a straight-through design constructed from stainless steel 304 materials. As in Tomioka tradition, the test pipe is bolt-on and comes with all hardware necessary for installation. To complement the larger turbo and 1000cc fuel injectors are the Tomioka Racing high flow fuel rail which supports up to 650 HP applications. The fuel rail is constructed from high quality aluminum and comes with all the necessary hardware for bolt-on installations.

The last mod on stage 2 is the Tomioka Racing Sigma Turbo.  The journal bearing turbo is rated at 550hp with upgraded 21 PSI (1.5Bar) actuator. The Sigma turbo has larger compressor inlet and outlet diameter of 61.4mm and 82mm respectively with 58.8mm and 67.1mm turbine wheel diameter. More value added feature is the ported and polished exhaust housing which comes standard with the Sigma Turbo.  All of this with the turbo 100% bolt-on!

With all the parts installed on the GSR, it was ready for the stage 2 dyno tune. With a very safe tune and on 91-octane pump gas the GSR achieved peak power of 362 whp and 306 pounds-feet of torque.









The GSR experienced turbo lag and loss of torque compared to the stock turbo but it gained substantial top-end power with the Sigma turbo. With a slight aggressive tuning, the GSR managed to hit 379 whp and 331 pounds-feet of torque on Dynapack.

Evo X GSR with Aggressive Tune










Finally on 100-octane gas, we stopped after the GSR hit almost 420 whp at 27 PSI of boost with stock camshaft. It was an exciting dyno runs for one day!

Evo X GSR with 100 Octane









Full potential of Tomioka Sigma turbo is not yet realized. With higher lift and degree camshaft, the GSR will meet or exceed the spool time of stock turbo and gaining higher top-end power along the way. Another important bottleneck is cooling. The GSR had reached the optimum cooling from the stock front mount intercooler. A more efficient intercooler is definitely needed to match the full potential of the Sigma turbo. After all of that is achieved, the Evo X GSR will truly be a sleeper with a quality & affordable turbo!

Check Out the Video !