To Infinity and Beyond

To Infinity and Beyond!!!!!! You can literally achieve that with the AEM Infinity Stand-Alone ECU. The AEM Infinity allows to limitless modifications to the mapping of your car with plenty of options and features. My favorite feature being the ignition cut to shoot some fire out of the rear end, but it’s also used in launch control. Not only does the AEM Infinity provide performance increase by auto-tune your ecu in certain situations (It does have that awesome feature) but it also auto-adjust your tune your car in case of bad fuel mixture or your air fuel ratio is off it does provide a nice plethora of safety features to protect your engine.  Do you need a stand –alone ecu? No you don’t unless you plan on making over 600hp, such as this black Evo 9 that has a FP Black w/ JB, the FP black is capable of producing 750hp on the stock location manifold.  At those power levels you do want to run a stand-alone for the safety features itself while also making more power more efficiently than with the stock evo ecu can provide. As of right now the Evo is making 406awhp on 91 on our Dynapack, so we are expecting a gain of +60-100awhp on 91. I will keep you all updated on the progress of this beast of a car!

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