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2015 Subaru WRX w/ Prototype Tomioka Racing Catless Downpipe

Monday, October 27th, 2014

We installed the prototype of Tomioka Racing Catless Downpipe on the 2015 Subaru WRX. With the catless downpipe we expect to see gains in low end torque and engine response. We had previously installed the TR Engine Oil Cooler, Cobb Accessport V3, and re-flashed the ecu using the stage1 off-the shelf tune. These minor modifications showed improvements of 10whp and 25wtq from the stock 191whp and 225wtq. Also keep in mind that this was done on our DynaPack dyno which reads lower than most.

With the addition of the TR catless downpipe things got pretty interesting.  We had gained 19wtq, but had lost 7whp. Although we had lost nearly the 10whp we gained from the stage 1 re-flah, the increase in low end torque and engine responsiveness was amazing. You can also see that the power is higher at the lower RPM to about 4500 RPM. One thing to note here is that this was not a pro tune. The car is still using the stage 1 map from Cobb. I would expect to see gains in both WHP and WTQ and smoothness with a pro-tune.

2015 WRX stage 1 + DP

Video: 2015 WRX TR DP

As you can see, peak torque was reach much sooner, and the power was smoother up to 5000RPM where a custom tune will help.

EDO Performance & Tomioka Racing 2015 Subaru WRX: Engine Oil Cooler

Saturday, October 11th, 2014

So we have seen the 2015 Subaru WRX made 191whp and 225 ft/lbs from the factory and after re-flash using Cobb Accessport V3 the power jumped to 221 whp with 250 ft/lbs of torque on the dynapack dyno.  Next, we are installing the latest product from Tomioka Racing the temperature controlled engine oil cooler kit. The temperature- controlled oil sandwich adapter adds extra protection to the engine during cold climate with quick engine warm-up and kicks into operation when the engine oil is too warm.The Tomioka Racing cooler utilizes a SETRAB 16-row cooler core well known for its durability and performance. The Tomioka Engine oil cooler kit includes the thermostat adapters, AN8 stainless steel lines assembled with the aluminum fittings and the mounting brackets.

2015 Subaru WRX Engine Oil Cooler kit

2015 Subaru WRX Engine Oil Cooler kit








The compact core fits perfectly behind the front bumper beam and the limited ducting space behind the bumper beam fits perfectly for the AN8 stainless Steel lines. The cooler kit comes standard with the additional sandwich plate to accommodate the top-mount oil filter.

2015 WRX Oil Cooler Installed

2015 WRX Oil Cooler Installed

2015 WRX Oil Cooler Installed 02

2015 WRX Oil Cooler Installed 02

2015 Engine Oil Cooler Top Mount Oil Filter

2015 Engine Oil Cooler Top Mount Oil Filter








With the engine oil cooler installed, we test drove the car in normal street driving condition. The graph below shows the engine temperature difference before and after the installation of the oil cooler data-logged using the Cobb Accessport V3. The result is we saw a temperature drop of 14 degrees. Before the engine oil cooler installed, the engine temperature was at 210 degrees on average and after the oil cooler was installed the temperature average dropped to 196 degree.

2015 Subaru WRX Engine Temperature Drop

2015 Subaru WRX Engine Temperature Drop








The Tomioka Racing temperature controlled engine oil cooler kit is in stock and can be purchased here from


VF 54 Turbo for 2010 Subaru Legacy

Friday, September 27th, 2013

6 Star Motorsports in windy city Chicago are the first to test out the infamous VF-54 turbo on the dyno after installing into their 2012 Subaru Legacy. Here we have both (before and after) dyno charts sent to us after tuning. As John (6 Star Motorsports employee) stated, “this little turbo loves to make power”, we encourage you turbo lovers to visit and purchase your V-54 turbo today!

Modifications: (2010 Subaru Legacy)

  • Racer X TMIC and Charge pipe.
  • Id1000s injectors
  • Dw65c fuel pump
  • Invidia catless exhaust
  • Invidia Q300 axle back exhaust
  • Exceedy stage 1 clutch (not holding this new found power need to find something else soon)
  • EBCS 3 port
  • Cobb V3 AP
  • Gagnster Tuned for E85
  • 22mm rear sway bar
  • Fortube auto 500 coil overs (waiting on install)
  • Custome 18 wheels
  • With Nitto invio tires





With TR VF-54 Turbo


New Color of Lightweight Tomioka Racing Pulleys IN STOCK NOW

Thursday, May 9th, 2013


Your Southern California Evans Waterless Coolant Distributor!

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Hello Everyone,

EDO Performance is proud to announce our brand new product line Evans Coolant!

We are now distributing the next generation of waterless lifetime coolant for your sports compact, domestic, trucks, and sports bike!

What makes Evans Coolant stand out?

Benefits of this coolant vs. traditional water base coolant includes:

  • Increased operating temperature of the fluid reduces the fan load and increase fuel economy by 10%!
  • The waterless design extends you’re engine life by reducing coolant pressure and corrosion within the engine.
  • Never change your coolant again! The coolant chemical blend eliminates boil over, freezing, removes water corrosion and best of all it is biodegradable safe for the environment.

If it all sounds too good to be true hear America’s number 1 gear head Jay Leno has to say about it!

Jay Leno on Evans Coolant

Please see below for the Evans Coolant to suit your needs!

Evans Cooling Prep Fluid (1 Gallon) MSRP $33.95

Evans Prep Fluid is a waterless cooling system flush designed to seek out remaining water after draining the cooling system of an engine. Prep Fluid should be used when block drains are unavailable or cannot be removed. It is not a substitute for thoroughly draining the cooling system and related components. A minimum of 2 gallons of Prep Fluid is recommended for heavy duty diesel engines and 1 gallon of Prep Fluid is recommended for all motorcycles converting to NPG+ or NPG. Prep Fluid is NOT intended to be a stand-alone operating coolant, but as a flush only.

Evans NPG+C High Performance Waterless Coolant (1 Gallon) MSRP $43.95

Evans High Performance Coolant combines the benefits of Evans NPG+ and NPGR. NPG+C provides superior cooling protection for all gasoline and light duty diesel engines, including marine and light aircraft. In conditions ranging from -40° to 375°F. High Performance Coolant provides cooling protection through constant liquid coolant contact with engine metals. Eliminates water-causing corrosion, electrolysis and cavitations. One successful installation provides cooling protection for the life-time of the engine, reducing maintenance time and expense.

Evans Heavy Duty Coolant Waterless (1 Gallon) MSRP $47.95

Evans waterless Heavy Duty Coolant boils at 375° F. In use, it features a huge separation between the operating temperature of the coolant and its boiling point. Heavy Duty Coolant can therefore control metal temperatures at coolant temperatures that are well above the boiling point of water. With engine metals protected at higher coolant temperatures, fan turn-on temperatures can be safely increased. Evans has found that raising the fan temperature to about 230° F can decrease fan-on time over 50 percent. Engine and truck builders often use giant radiators and amazingly powerful radiator fans for the sole purpose of keeping water-based coolants cold enough to remain functional. Released from the burden of avoiding the boiling point of water, Heavy Duty Coolant waterless coolant enables the safe use of higher coolant temperatures and sharply reduced fan usage. Thousands of dollars in fuel savings annually result from that technique.

Evans Powersports Waterless Coolant (4x 1/2 Gallon Bottle)) MSRP $107.80

Evans Powersports Coolant offers improved performance and reliability. Even under extreme conditions, Evans Powersports Coolant will not overheat. Using Evans Coolant allows the engine to be safely tuned for more power. A higher compression ratio, leaner mixture, and more advanced spark are some of the options available to the engine builder. Evans Powersports Coolant provides permanent cooling protection for the life of the engine so replacement is never necessary. Its superior corrosion protection is not degraded over time and it won’t freeze or damage engine components.


Evans NPG Waterless Coolant (2 Gallon (4x 1/2 Gallon Bottle)) MSRP $111.80

Evans NPG is the Original Waterless Coolant. NPG is a lifetime coolant. NPG is recommended for racing engines that run on tracks or in series where there is a “NO Ethylene Glycol” rule, and can be used in high performance street vehicles with high flow cooling systems. NPG is NOT recommended for daily drivers or cold weather operation, and may require system modifications to ensure a successful conversion.

Evan Cooling Installation is a snap!

Take the following steps for your coolant change:

Hi-performance / Racing Instructions

NPG coolant is acceptable by most racing sanctions where stipulated as “no antifreeze.” Verify coolant requirements in your rulebook. If no specific antifreeze ruling exists, NPG+ or NPGR may be used.

Recommended coolant quantities:

Small Block applications – 4 gallons

Big Block applications – 6 gallons.

Always have at least 2 gallons with you as spare. NPGR racers discount @ 8 or more gallons.

Hi Performance Suggestions

  • Install hi performance aluminum tube radiator.
  • Remove the thermostat and plug all bypass hoses.
  • Install heater shut off valve.
  • Increase the pump drive ratio with a smaller pump pulley.

Maximizing Racing Systems

  • Convert the upper hose and thermostat housing to 1¾”OD.
  • Two -16 AN lines are the minimum upper hose size recommended.
  • Install external lines from the rear of the manifold, bigger is better, line size should be -12 AN.
  • For intake manifold fill location use an expansion tank.
  • Use maximum pump drive ratio possible 80% of crank rpm or more.
  • For safety reasons all overflow hoses must be connected to an overflow tank or catch can.

Hi Performance Instructions

  1. NEVER work on a conventional hot pressurized water/antifreeze cooling system – allow cooling completely before starting coolant conversion.
  2. THE BLOCK MUST BE DRAINED. The system must be completely empty and as clean as possible. Complete drain instructions must be followed especially when converting from OAT (Organic Acid Technology, such as DexCool) or HOAT (Hybrid Organic Acid Technology) coolants. Improper draining and flushing may leave residual OAT or HOAT coolant which is not compatible with Evans “waterless” coolants.
  5. Install Evans Full Time Bleed Line (#EFTBK) in the pump and connect to intake manifold. A manual pump bleed is an option.
  6. If the radiator cap is on the thermostat housing, it must be removed or made a sealed fill cap with no pressure setting. Low-pressure cap cannot be used in this location due to being the pressure side of the system. Cap will vent.
  7. Install an expansion tank with a cap (zero or 7psi) that is plumbed into the suction side (lower hose). Minimum capacity 2 quarts.
  8. Attach all hoses and replace all plugs. Open manual air bleed and fill the system with Evans Coolant. Close air bleed when coolant appears.
  9. Install the self adhesive round “Evans” decal provided, on the radiator cap or close to the fill location.
  10. When using an expansion tank or remote fill location. Fill radiator to the top and install radiator cap. (zero or 7 psi)
  11. Fill the expansion tank half full.
  12. Start the engine and bring it up to operating temperature.
  13. Open manual air bleed if possible to bleed any air that has been trapped in the pump.
  14. Stop engine and allow to cool. Check expansion tank level and adjust as required.
  15. For the next few times operating the vehicle check the level in the expansion tank and add Evans coolant as required.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at or give us a call at 714-602-5741

Get your Tomioka Racing TD06-20G Turbo for Hyundai Genesis 2.0T Today!

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Turn your Hyundai Genesis into a rocket with wheels with the new Tomioka Racing TD06-20G turbo! This is the largest bolt-on Turbo for the Hyundai Genesis 2.0. The turbo support ups to a blistering 500HP and features high quality journal bearing and components backed by a 1 year warranty. The turbo features genuine MHI bearing and Included in the turbo is the block-off plate and billet waste-gate actuator to hold stable boost !

Turbo Characteristics:
Bearing Type: Journal
Flange Type: Hyundai Genesis Standard
Compressor Wheel In: 52.5 mm
Ex: 68 mm

Turbine Wheel
In: 61 mm
Ex: 54 mm

Actuator: 0.8 Bar / 11.76 psi
Turbine Housing: 8 cm2
Max. Power: 500 HP

Kit Contents:
• Turbocharger
• Actuator
• Oil & Water Pipe
• Gaskets & Hardware Kits

Hyundai Genesis 2.0T

Price: $1287.00 + Shipping (Click here to purchase the item)

Just Released Tomioka Racing 1000HP Rear Axle for Subaru Impreza STI 2005+

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Often overlooked upgrade when you are upgrading your engine is the drivetrain. When your engine is making some serious power, you need some serious axles to put it to the ground. The Tomioka Racing 1000WHP Axles are designed to handle abuse and power for anything and any style of racing, from the drag strip to the circuits! These axles are made from aerospace grade steel and designed to handle extreme torque pressure on the go! Axle failures can lead to damages on the entire drive train which means expensive repairs! So protect yourself and feel assured with the Tomioka Racing Axle!

Increased spline to 36 teeth
Aircraft grade billet ball bearings
ABS Compliant

Application: Subaru Impreza STI 2005+

Price: $1137.51 + Shipping (Please click here to purchase the item)

All New Tomioka Racing 90 Degree Fuel Rail Adapter for Mitsubishi EVO X 4B11

Friday, May 25th, 2012

The Tomioka Racing 90-Degree fuel pressure regulator adapter is a must have unit when you are upgrading the fuel pressure regulator on the 4B11 fuel rail. The adapter allows you to run any -6AN fitting on the rail without having any hood clearance issue when you normally install a fuel pressure regulator. TR fitting is made of high quality anodized aluminum and built to last.

Kit Contents:
90 Degree Fuel Pressure Regulator Adapter

Mitsubishi Evolution X 4B11

Please Note: FPU1018 does not include fuel pressure regulator or fuel rail. Fuel Pressure regulator and fuel rail are available separately.

Price: $28.71 +Shipping (Click here to purchase the item)

All New Tomioka Racing Lightweight Crank Pulley for Subaru EJ20/EJ25

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Enjoy the freedom of quick engine response with the lightened Subaru Crank Pulley from Tomioka Racing. The pulley reduces approximately 4 lbs of weight off the OEM crank pulley and enabling to rev more freely without the weight bogging it down. CNC machined from 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum and designed to work seamlessly with stock or aftermarket belts, the pulley is guaranteed to reduce rotational mass that haunts the factory OEM pulley.

CNC Machined 6061 T6 Billet Lightweight Aluminum
Reduces Rotational Mass
Black Anodized

Kit Contents:
Lightweight Crank Pulley x 1

Subaru Impreza 1994 – 2011
Subaru Impreza WRX/STi 2002 – 2011
Subaru Legacy 1994-2009
Subaru Forester 1998-2009

Price: $127.71 + Shipping (Click here to purchase the item)

Tomioka Racing Pre-Preg Dry Carbon Fiber Money Clip

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Just received Pre-Preg Dry Carbon Money Clip from Tomioka Racing. Here’s some of the pictures:















It’s featherlight measuring 2.6 x 0.8 x 0.3 inches.  Definitely cool addition if you want to ditch your old worn-out wallet. Now, let’s see how many bills this clip can hold. The manufacturer’s website states  it can hold 18 bills or 4 credit cards. Our little in-house experiment shows this clip can actually take 20 bills.





















With credit card, this clip can take 15 bills and 1 credit card.






















The clip has a high-class look and feel. With its minimalist design the clip fits in the pockets perfectly! Click here to buy or  find out more on pre-preg dry carbon fiber money clip!