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Don’t Strap on Those Porsche Wheels !

Saturday, October 17th, 2015

So we are protecting our investment by not damaging any of the exterior or body panels when working on it or the car needed to be towed to an event. The easiest part to get damaged is when you lift the car using jack stand and unknowing put too much pressure  on the under panel and crack it. There is no need to worry about that anymore with the Rennline front tie down/jack plate and the rear tie-down.

We recently installed one of these Rennline products on the shop 997 TT. Install was a breeze. The front tie down/jack plate combines as a tow point for the front instead of strapping on the wheel and as the mounting point for the jack stand. No more scratches on the wheels during tow and no more worry of cracking the under panel.



Front tow poin/jack plate 01


Front tow poin/jack plate 02


Front tow poin/jack plate 03








As you can see, the jack plate provides a safe distance between the lift arm and the under panel and side skirt of the car and you can use it as a strapping point instead strapping on the wheels.  The same can be said with Rennline rear tow points. It can be mounting on various position of your car has modified suspension components. It even comes in 45, 66 or 90 degrees bends and flat. We chose the 66 degree bend for our application.


Rear tow point for Porsche 997








Again, installation was a breeze. No more strapping on the wheels.  Protect your investment while still looking good !





2007 Porsche 997TT: What is happening behind the front bumper ?

Saturday, October 17th, 2015

One of the most overlooked essential cleaning on the Porsche 997 is the air duct going to the condenser and cooler core behind the front bumper. This time we are going to take a look at how bad the air duct is clogged from driving and parking your car over time if you don’t check on it.

So the car is a 2007 997 Twin Turbo Porsche and we have plans for the car to achieve 1300HP. We are at about 700HP at the moment, so we are getting there. As you can see from the picture below, the car has a pretty clean exterior and you’d think that behind that seemingly well kept front bumper, one would expect fairly neat cooler cores that are behind the front bumper.









Surprise, surprise, we found a clogged up condenser cores. Combination of dried leaves, dust and moisture made all the leaves stuck on the surface of the cooler cores.









These are bad and it can affect overheating on the radiator and for sure the air-conditioning will not run as efficient as it needs to be. We had to use blower to remove all stuck leaves on the cores’ surfaces and behind the interior of the front bumper. Look at how much waste we collected.







After all the clean-up, the coolers look in much better shape.

20151017_122943 20151017_122928







Remember to check to see what’s going on behind that Porsche’s front bumper. It’s not as clean as you think.



2013 Scion FRS Dyno Run

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

2013 Scion FRS


Engine Upgrades:


Cusco +2mm Throttle Body
Exedy Stage 1 Clutch Kit

Injector Dynamics 850cc Fuel Injector
HKS Iridium Spark Plugs M-Series Super Fire Racing Spark Plugs
CP Pistons 86mm 10:1 Compression
Carillo Pro H Beam Connecting Rods
Darton MID Sleeve

ARP Case Bolts

ARP Head Stud

Ferrea Valve Springs

Ferrea Retainers

Ferrea Competition Exhaust Valves +1mm

Ferrea Competition Race Intake Valves +1mm

Invidia High Flow Catted Downpipe

Tomioka Racing Exhaust Manifod

Tomioka Racing 15lbs battery

Tomioka Racing Lightweight pulleys: Crankshaft, Waterpump, Alternator

Tomioka Racing Oil Cooler Kit for Subaru BRZ / Toyota FRS with Thermostat

Koyo Aluminum Racing Radiator

E85 Custom Tune

Stage 3 Headwork: Port & Polish Head for Optimum Air Flow & Multi Angle Valve Job

Evans High Performance Waterless Coolant


Suspension & Brake Upgrade:






Cusco Adjustable Lateral Arm w/Pillowball Ends

Cusco Rear Lateral Link Toe Adjustable

AP Racing 6-Piston Front Cross Drilled/Slotted Rotors Big Brake Kit

AP Racing 4-Piston Rear Cross Drilled/Slotted Big Brake Kit -Red Calipers


Interior Upgrade:

2 1/16″ Defi Red Racer Gauge Boost

2 1/16″ Defi Red Racer Gauge Press

2 1/16″ Defi Red Racer Gauge Temp

2 1/16″ Defi Red Racer Gauge EGT

2 1/16″ Defi Red Racer Gauge Volt

Defi Red Racer Tachometer 80mm 11K RPM

Tomioka Racing Carbon Fiber Hood Damper for Toyota FT86 / Subaru BRZ / Scion FRS


Factory power of the FRS was at around 133 WHP. After HKS Supercharger, upgraded fuel injectors, Cusco larger throttle body, exhaust manifold, invidia high flow catted downpipe and Koyo Racing Radiator were installed, the car made 229 WHP on 91 octane gas with Evans Waterless coolant and Tomioka Racing engine oil cooler for added cooling.

1st pic

Figure 1. Factory Dynograph








2nd pic

Figure 2. Supercharger, fuel injectors, larger throttle body, exhaust manifold, invidia high flow catted downpipe, Koyo Racing Radiator and pulley sets










The whole engine upgrade package came next to build a stronger block and heads to support additional power. The engine block was sleeved with Darton MID with CP pistons and Carillo Connecting rods. All the case bolts and head studs were replaced with ARP for added strength.  The heads were equipped with Ferrea oversized valves, springs and retainers complete with custom port & polish for optimum flow on the heads. Flow testing shows a 15% flow improvement .With a fairly conservative tune on E85 fuel, the car achieved 301 whp and 219 lbs/ft on our Dynapack dyno. Tuning was performed using Ecutek which is the best tuning solution for BRZ/FRS FT86.

3rd pic

Figure 3. E85 dynograph with Darton MID with CP pistons and Carillo Connecting rods, Ferrea valve trains









With meticulous tuning by Edwin Tang, we are achieving a car with great drivability and power with additional feature launch control, flat foot shifting, and auto blipping.


EDO Performance Attends the 2015 Subaru Summer Solstice

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

EDO Performance had the pleasure in attending Subaru Summer Solstice this past Sunday June 28th, 2015 at the Port of Hueneme Beach Park in Port Hueneme, CA.

We were excited to once again gather with all the vendors for the event and enjoy another successful S3. We were truly excited to have the chance in introducing a new line of Collinite Wax and Griots Garage car care products which were displayed along with a full line of Motul, Evans Coolant, LiquiMoly and all other Subaru performance products. Everything from 25% off only all Collinite Wax products but, Evans Waterless Coolant as well. Shout out to all our raffle winners and we hope to see you all next year! Thank you Subaru Summer Solstice for putting on once again a great event with an amazing atmosphere.



2013 Subaru STi Hits 390WHP

Saturday, January 24th, 2015

We recently worked on turbo upgrade for 2013 Subaru STi who customer wished to add more power before doing engine internals upgrade.  The car arrived with Injector Dynamics 1000cc fuel injectors, AEM Cold Air intake, headers, downpipe and 3-port boost solenoid. The customer chose the latest bolt-on Tomioka Racing Hybrid ball bearing TD05-GT28 turbocharger with Billet compressor wheel for his upgraded turbo.

Tomioka Racing ball bearing turbo uses genuine Garrett Ball Bearing and complemented the CHRA with their proprietary aerodynamic turbo blade design.  The size of the hybrid turbo is similar to Garrett GT28. The turbo also came with billet 1.3 bar waste-gate actuator and 8cm turbine housing.

With a conservative tune and peak boost at 18psi, the car hit 339whp and 354 lbs/ft of torque.  Target boost was achieved at less than 4500rpm. The next addition for the customer is the front mount intercooler kit, Tial QR Blow-Off Valve and Tomioka Racing temperature controlled Oil cooler kit and VP C16 Race Gas. We’re pushing the envelope on the turbo and stock EJ25 block.

With peak boost at 23psi, the car powered to almost 390whp and 390 lbs/ft of torque. The target boost was hit slightly later at 4650rpm.   The peak boost level was held back by the 3-port boost solenoid not able to regulate past peak boost of 23 psi. Otherwise the car could easily push beyond 400whp with the current set-up.  We’ll have to see if customer is willing to switch to better 3-port boost solenoid to experience the full potential of his build in the near future.  Overall this is a very efficient ball bearing bolt-on turbo for enthusiast who likes quick response and those who aspire to go beyond 400whp.

Other modifications on this car include Tomioka Racing Air & Oil Separator, 17lbs lightweight battery and throttle controller.

2015 Subaru WRX w/ Prototype Tomioka Racing Catless Downpipe

Monday, October 27th, 2014

We installed the prototype of Tomioka Racing Catless Downpipe on the 2015 Subaru WRX. With the catless downpipe we expect to see gains in low end torque and engine response. We had previously installed the TR Engine Oil Cooler, Cobb Accessport V3, and re-flashed the ecu using the stage1 off-the shelf tune. These minor modifications showed improvements of 10whp and 25wtq from the stock 191whp and 225wtq. Also keep in mind that this was done on our DynaPack dyno which reads lower than most.

With the addition of the TR catless downpipe things got pretty interesting.  We had gained 19wtq, but had lost 7whp. Although we had lost nearly the 10whp we gained from the stage 1 re-flah, the increase in low end torque and engine responsiveness was amazing. You can also see that the power is higher at the lower RPM to about 4500 RPM. One thing to note here is that this was not a pro tune. The car is still using the stage 1 map from Cobb. I would expect to see gains in both WHP and WTQ and smoothness with a pro-tune.

2015 WRX stage 1 + DP

Video: 2015 WRX TR DP

As you can see, peak torque was reach much sooner, and the power was smoother up to 5000RPM where a custom tune will help.

EDO Performance & Tomioka Racing 2015 Subaru WRX: Engine Oil Cooler

Saturday, October 11th, 2014

So we have seen the 2015 Subaru WRX made 191whp and 225 ft/lbs from the factory and after re-flash using Cobb Accessport V3 the power jumped to 221 whp with 250 ft/lbs of torque on the dynapack dyno.  Next, we are installing the latest product from Tomioka Racing the temperature controlled engine oil cooler kit. The temperature- controlled oil sandwich adapter adds extra protection to the engine during cold climate with quick engine warm-up and kicks into operation when the engine oil is too warm.The Tomioka Racing cooler utilizes a SETRAB 16-row cooler core well known for its durability and performance. The Tomioka Engine oil cooler kit includes the thermostat adapters, AN8 stainless steel lines assembled with the aluminum fittings and the mounting brackets.

2015 Subaru WRX Engine Oil Cooler kit

2015 Subaru WRX Engine Oil Cooler kit








The compact core fits perfectly behind the front bumper beam and the limited ducting space behind the bumper beam fits perfectly for the AN8 stainless Steel lines. The cooler kit comes standard with the additional sandwich plate to accommodate the top-mount oil filter.

2015 WRX Oil Cooler Installed

2015 WRX Oil Cooler Installed

2015 WRX Oil Cooler Installed 02

2015 WRX Oil Cooler Installed 02

2015 Engine Oil Cooler Top Mount Oil Filter

2015 Engine Oil Cooler Top Mount Oil Filter








With the engine oil cooler installed, we test drove the car in normal street driving condition. The graph below shows the engine temperature difference before and after the installation of the oil cooler data-logged using the Cobb Accessport V3. The result is we saw a temperature drop of 14 degrees. Before the engine oil cooler installed, the engine temperature was at 210 degrees on average and after the oil cooler was installed the temperature average dropped to 196 degree.

2015 Subaru WRX Engine Temperature Drop

2015 Subaru WRX Engine Temperature Drop








The Tomioka Racing temperature controlled engine oil cooler kit is in stock and can be purchased here from


Subiefest 2014

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

From our 4am caravan at our EDO shop to setting up booths as early as 6am out in Fontana, CA, we can truly say it was a success. Special thanks to everyone who stopped by our EDO booth and took part in our Subiefest deals along with Tomioka Racing and Liqui Moly.

Huge shout out to Tomioka Racing’s very own Sharla STi who posted up right next to us and did an amazing job promoting her brand new calendar and took plenty of fan photos rocking Liqui Moly’s latest halter top. Overall, what an amazing event it turned out to be from the energy over at the AAA Speedway track lanes to hundreds of enthusiasts participating in raffles, we hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we did. Until next time!

DSC_4964 20140920_104924 20140920_105201 20140920_105922 DSC_4967 DSC_4989 DSC_5020


’03 WRX Exceeds Expectations (Tuning)

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Before and after dyno graph of the 2003 WRX Subaru

Now who said lil ole’ early 2000 Subies aren’t able to reach this much power!? What an upgrade! After looking at the results I felt as if I just watched a 70 year old retired NBA star dunk a basketball just like the old days. He’s a bit older but hey, he still got it; just like this 03 WRX! So for those of you driving a much older vehicle, perhaps even older than this, keep in mind that with a healthy engine compression you can still achieve these kind of results after tuning your vehicle like this one with out a problem!

Call or EMAIL us if you’d like to set up an appointment for tuning or for quotes! We’re open Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM

2011 Subaru STI Hatchback at EDO Performance

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

It’s been a pleasure working on one of our loyal customer’s 2011 Subaru STI Hatchback here at our EDO Performance facility. Below you will find a variety of TR parts you yourself can purchase for your vehicle as well! Feel free to give us a call at (714) 249-1979 for anymore questions!



-Billet Wheel GT28 Turbo for Subaru
– Fuel Pump & Injectors
– Front Mount Intercooler
– TR Catback Exhaust
– TR Downpipe
– TR Header
– TR Inlet Hose NEWWWWWWWWWW 10011337_10150378287379991_264225068_n1970613_10150378287459991_293973933_n