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Don’t Strap on Those Porsche Wheels !

Saturday, October 17th, 2015

So we are protecting our investment by not damaging any of the exterior or body panels when working on it or the car needed to be towed to an event. The easiest part to get damaged is when you lift the car using jack stand and unknowing put too much pressure  on the under panel and crack it. There is no need to worry about that anymore with the Rennline front tie down/jack plate and the rear tie-down.

We recently installed one of these Rennline products on the shop 997 TT. Install was a breeze. The front tie down/jack plate combines as a tow point for the front instead of strapping on the wheel and as the mounting point for the jack stand. No more scratches on the wheels during tow and no more worry of cracking the under panel.



Front tow poin/jack plate 01


Front tow poin/jack plate 02


Front tow poin/jack plate 03








As you can see, the jack plate provides a safe distance between the lift arm and the under panel and side skirt of the car and you can use it as a strapping point instead strapping on the wheels.  The same can be said with Rennline rear tow points. It can be mounting on various position of your car has modified suspension components. It even comes in 45, 66 or 90 degrees bends and flat. We chose the 66 degree bend for our application.


Rear tow point for Porsche 997








Again, installation was a breeze. No more strapping on the wheels.  Protect your investment while still looking good !





The Mustang 5.0!

Friday, March 13th, 2015

So this guy literally called us last minute and asked if he can bring his car in to get worked on. I just assumed it was a normal Mustang 5.0 pretty stock looking exterior wise. Then, we popped the hood.. (insert FnF joke) then BAM, supecharged 5.0 Stang! we was like oh.. and how much power are you making.. the guy confidently said 600rwhp.. still in shocked, we asked him what needed to be checked out. Basically he was having over heating issues. Looked at his radiator and said his Fans where not working cause of a short, so we got that fixed, and replaced his Radiator hose. Now it’s not overheating!

Roll bar install for 997

Friday, March 13th, 2015

I’m so excited to show you our roll bar install in the 997. like this thing matches perfectly with the interior and fits perfectly. It doesn’t touch the headliner doesn’t touch the pillars, it’s snug!

The roll bar basically mounts to where the seat belt mounts are. so its a really easy install after taking out the interior. took about a couple hours of labor and test fitting back and forth.

I wonder whats next for the car :) stay tuned.

New goodies for the 997 :D

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

Check out our new carbon fiber lip we got for the 997 and this sick roll bar. I really like the finish on it, I can’t really tell you what color it is but its a nice gunmetal. I’m really liking it so far, but it also should be one interesting install. Yes, it is a bolt in roll bar, but It’s mainly for running a harness for when we are tracking the car. Eventually we will switch up to a full welded in cage as for now this will do, maybe we will look into bucket seats in the future as well as far as safety goes.

While we’re on the subject of roll cages / roll bars it’s one of those items where you DO NOT want to cheap out on especially with roll cages. In my personal opinion bolt in roll bars are OKAY, since it’s really there to just provide a location for harnesses and/or roll over protection from the roof collapsing. Bolt in roll cages on the other hand are a HUGE no for me. The mounting points are extremely weak and do not hold up to well under extreme pressure… there has been reports for bolt in cages penetrating through the undercarriage of the car from the mounting points. When you weld those areas you are re-reinforcing the base + sometimes you add a plate for extra strength as well. So don’t skimp on safety when it come down to racing your car.

There are the few who buy bolt in cages for aesthetics, but also remember roll cages are more dangerous to you for street driving It’s a giant WHAT IF, but it’s there. anyways just take a deeper look into what you need and what you don’t need. in many cases if you want a harness go with a half cage, a roll bar, harness bar, they all provide a nice aesthetics look with out causing the head ache of install and safety issues.

11044497_10153199680041473_754731686944964550_n 10152477_10153199679221473_495612997647928674_n

To Infinity and Beyond

Saturday, March 7th, 2015

To Infinity and Beyond!!!!!! You can literally achieve that with the AEM Infinity Stand-Alone ECU. The AEM Infinity allows to limitless modifications to the mapping of your car with plenty of options and features. My favorite feature being the ignition cut to shoot some fire out of the rear end, but it’s also used in launch control. Not only does the AEM Infinity provide performance increase by auto-tune your ecu in certain situations (It does have that awesome feature) but it also auto-adjust your tune your car in case of bad fuel mixture or your air fuel ratio is off it does provide a nice plethora of safety features to protect your engine.  Do you need a stand –alone ecu? No you don’t unless you plan on making over 600hp, such as this black Evo 9 that has a FP Black w/ JB, the FP black is capable of producing 750hp on the stock location manifold.  At those power levels you do want to run a stand-alone for the safety features itself while also making more power more efficiently than with the stock evo ecu can provide. As of right now the Evo is making 406awhp on 91 on our Dynapack, so we are expecting a gain of +60-100awhp on 91. I will keep you all updated on the progress of this beast of a car!

Battery Relocation is it worth it?

Saturday, March 7th, 2015

One the most common modification you can do to any car is to simply relocate the battery. Despite any popular beliefs that replacing the battery to the trunk does no good performance wise, it actually does. When you relocate the battery you’re simple moving more weight to the rear. On many cars like Evos and WRX STIs or any Front Engine AWD car the front will be slightly heavier than the rear. This is where the battery relocation comes in; by moving the battery to the rear you are basically adding ballast. Adding any form of ballast to increase weight in certain areas is something that is very common in the racing world. It’s done to improve weight distribution to create the 50/50 weight ratio that is KEY to having a good performing car. There also some cons, such as less trunk space, more of a pain to get to if your battery is dead and need a jump start, but these are just minor cons that do not out weigh the pros. So if this is something you are considering to do, I highly recommend it.

She is running again!

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

Just a small and quick update on whats been going on with the 997 build. This completes our stage 2 package. stage 2 consist of upgraded internals on the oem turbos, and bigger intercoolers. Now the car isn’t where we want it to be yet, in terms of power goals, and we still have to tune it on race gas. so what we might do is gut the Agency Power cats and hallow them out so we can tune on Race or E85. In the mean time we will be attending a few car shows to show case the car and meet some industry friends. the events we are attending are:

IMPORTS@UCI Annual car show – March 7th


Formula D x Super Street Techday 2015 – March 28th

hope to see you there!

stage 2 done! kind of.

Friday, February 27th, 2015

The 997 is almost complete, we have named this package the “EDO1300”. I’m sure the name gives it away, but 1000hp wasn’t our only goal for this car. So with the installation of the Tomioka Racing upgraded OEM 997 Turbos.. and Installation of the AMS Alpha intercooler kit w/ Y pipe… The car is near completion. The only things left to install are the Agencypower short shifter and the Agencypower Throttle body plenum.

The AMS intercoolers are huge and when I say huge I mean it. 2 OEM Intercoolers stacked on top of each other basically makes up the AMS Intercooler. The best thing about this kit is that it doesn’t use plastic end tanks like the OEM ones do. The fitment was almost perfect, but it’s not we had to dremel one a tab off in half, enlarge the intercooler hole on the chassis, but that’s about it! You’ll see in the pictures included on what I mean.

Now essentially this car could have been finished on Thursday, but some of the parts didn’t fit. Which was the Agencypower throttle body; we don’t know why it doesn’t fit so we are just going to roll with a OEM one for now while we figure this out.  Hopefully with the install of the short shifter and I hope that at least fits, the shifting feel would be much better than the OEM throw. For anyone that doesn’t have a short shifter I highly suggest one cause it changes the driving feel of a car so much.

With these the 2 main components installed the AMS Intercooler and TR turbos complete the stage 2 package of our 997 Project. Look to see this package offered on the market soon after some testing, Happy Friday everyone!

Transfer Case bearing replacement

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

03 WRX Bug eye came in for a transfer case bearing replacement. The bearing on the transfer case is a common part that wears over time. With any typical bearing noise you can usually source the problem quick and easily. To do this, you might want to have access to a lift, but further more just get the car on the lift securely, then have some one sit in the driver seat and in 5th gear or 6th gear (you want to use your longest gear) let them bring the car up to speed to where you heard the noise. Once the car is up to speed listen carefully and just follow the sound,  it’s the bearing that holds the output shaft where it meets the rear drive shaft.

Usually I would also recommend checking the center diff. as well since the car is on the lift and you are generally in the same area as well so it’s never a bad idea to take a quick look. Because if you look at it this way your car has 130k+ miles on it.. checking to see if the snap ring in the center diff has popped out would save you time and money. usually a snap-ring that pops out is an indication of a broken center diff.

2009 STI coilover and stage 2!

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

Today we have a 2009 WRX STI Hatchback on the lifts getting some modifications done. These modifications include M7 Japan coilovers and a new clutch! With the new addition of coilovers the car should sit nice and low, but can still be driven on the street. The M7 Japan coilovers provide just enough comfort and performance to put a smile on the owners face when taking those turns at the track of just going on a Sunday cruise up a canyon.  You can extract more performance out of these coilovers if you take your car to be corner balanced and get the alignment dialed in.

Plus we will be installing a Stage 2 package as well; this includes downpipe, cat-back exhaust, intake, and cobb access port. This should net the STI to obtain 290whp 320wtq respectively. Combined with the coilovers and new clutch this 09 STI will be a fun daily and put many smiles on your face.