stage 2 done! kind of.

February 27th, 2015 by alexs

The 997 is almost complete, we have named this package the “EDO1300”. I’m sure the name gives it away, but 1000hp wasn’t our only goal for this car. So with the installation of the Tomioka Racing upgraded OEM 997 Turbos.. and Installation of the AMS Alpha intercooler kit w/ Y pipe… The car is near completion. The only things left to install are the Agencypower short shifter and the Agencypower Throttle body plenum.

The AMS intercoolers are huge and when I say huge I mean it. 2 OEM Intercoolers stacked on top of each other basically makes up the AMS Intercooler. The best thing about this kit is that it doesn’t use plastic end tanks like the OEM ones do. The fitment was almost perfect, but it’s not we had to dremel one a tab off in half, enlarge the intercooler hole on the chassis, but that’s about it! You’ll see in the pictures included on what I mean.

Now essentially this car could have been finished on Thursday, but some of the parts didn’t fit. Which was the Agencypower throttle body; we don’t know why it doesn’t fit so we are just going to roll with a OEM one for now while we figure this out.  Hopefully with the install of the short shifter and I hope that at least fits, the shifting feel would be much better than the OEM throw. For anyone that doesn’t have a short shifter I highly suggest one cause it changes the driving feel of a car so much.

With these the 2 main components installed the AMS Intercooler and TR turbos complete the stage 2 package of our 997 Project. Look to see this package offered on the market soon after some testing, Happy Friday everyone!

Transfer Case bearing replacement

February 24th, 2015 by alexs

03 WRX Bug eye came in for a transfer case bearing replacement. The bearing on the transfer case is a common part that wears over time. With any typical bearing noise you can usually source the problem quick and easily. To do this, you might want to have access to a lift, but further more just get the car on the lift securely, then have some one sit in the driver seat and in 5th gear or 6th gear (you want to use your longest gear) let them bring the car up to speed to where you heard the noise. Once the car is up to speed listen carefully and just follow the sound,  it’s the bearing that holds the output shaft where it meets the rear drive shaft.

Usually I would also recommend checking the center diff. as well since the car is on the lift and you are generally in the same area as well so it’s never a bad idea to take a quick look. Because if you look at it this way your car has 130k+ miles on it.. checking to see if the snap ring in the center diff has popped out would save you time and money. usually a snap-ring that pops out is an indication of a broken center diff.

2009 STI coilover and stage 2!

February 12th, 2015 by alexs

Today we have a 2009 WRX STI Hatchback on the lifts getting some modifications done. These modifications include M7 Japan coilovers and a new clutch! With the new addition of coilovers the car should sit nice and low, but can still be driven on the street. The M7 Japan coilovers provide just enough comfort and performance to put a smile on the owners face when taking those turns at the track of just going on a Sunday cruise up a canyon.  You can extract more performance out of these coilovers if you take your car to be corner balanced and get the alignment dialed in.

Plus we will be installing a Stage 2 package as well; this includes downpipe, cat-back exhaust, intake, and cobb access port. This should net the STI to obtain 290whp 320wtq respectively. Combined with the coilovers and new clutch this 09 STI will be a fun daily and put many smiles on your face.

C63 AMG TR-B1500 Lightweight battery

February 9th, 2015 by alexs

One of the most efficient and cost effective way is stripping the interior of your car down to the bare metal. Well in most cases many people would like to keep their interior but somehow drop a few pounds here and there. So how does one drop a couple pounds off their car without ripping everything out? We decided to replace the OEM battery that came with the car and opted for the Tomioka Racing B1700 Lightweight battery. By switching to a smaller and lighter battery, you will be able to shave at least 30lbs. With the addition of a lighter battery you also modify the weight distribution as well.  In this car in particular the weight distribution doesn’t change too much due to the V8 engine in the front, so the car is still front heavy I would estimate around a 55/45 weight distribution.  Installation of the Tomioka Racing Lightweight battery was pretty simple overall; it was just swapping out the old mounting tray for a mini battery tray that Tomioka Racing also sells, and then just dropping in the new battery. The reason you have to use a mini battery tray is so the battery has a tight fit and doesn’t move around. That would be more noticeable in the larger battery tray and would not pass inspection at any track events. Overall the installation of the mini battery took under 1hour and daily driving capabilities has not changed at all.

*note, the C63 AMG had a large battery for a reason,  there are a few components in the car that keep the car “awake” so sometimes the battery would be drained.

Battery Specs:

TR-B1500 Lightweight battery
Weight: 17 lbs / 7.7 Kg
Product Dimension: 6.9 inches / 175.5mm x 4 inches / 101.6mm x 6.2 inches / 157.5mm
Voltage: 12
Full Charge Voltage: 13.8
CCA: 500
Capacity: 19 Amps/Hour @ 10 AH Rating

Porsche 997T: STAGE2

February 7th, 2015 by alexs


STAGE 2 of our build process there really isn’t much to report on as we are taking a break to have a track day at Willow Springs International Raceway with our customers and to test out some coilovers Tomioka Racing designed for our C63 AMG. So why not hit 2 birds with 1 stone have a fun day with our customers and do some R&D.

We put the 997 on the lift once again and removed the exhaust, our main goal here was to swap out the stock coil packs for a new set from Ignition Project and change to new spark plugs. While the exhaust was off the car we decided the oem exhaust tips needed to be cleaned up and polished using collinite wax products. Also I noticed the Ti Catback had an amazing burn effect on it. Titanium products sure look stunning.


To make big power we need a bigger turbo. Although a larger turbo isn’t out of the picture, but this is a street car. We bought a pair of used 997 Turbos and sent them over to Tomioka Racing to port, polish and change the inlet wheels. The inducer on the stock turbos had 6 full blades and 6 half blades pretty standard configuration. Tomioka Racing swapped the inlet wheel to an 11-blade configuration.

Side by Side Comparison:



Size comparison:

Stock Inducer wheel: 43.86


Tomioka Inducer wheel: 46.97


Stock blades: 6 full / 6 half

Tomioka Blades: 11 Full

Stock Exducer: 45.46


Tomioka exducer: 45.46


With these specs the car should be able to achieve our goals of 750+whp street car on E85. I’ll have more detail on the modified turbos once we get the car back on the dyno.

Early on in the write up I said we put the car back on the lift and removed the exhaust, the main reason for that was we wanted to change the spark plugs and coil packs. We removed the old copper spark plugs and replaced them with NGK Iridium. Mainly we are a Subaru shop, we then found out we can use spark plugs we normally use on WRXs. With that said we went along and replaced the spark plugs gapped at .025 and removed the old OEM coil pack and replaced it with Ignition Projects coil packs. With the addition of the Ignition Project coil packs we should have no problems at all getting spark into the engine, especially at the power goals we want. The coil packs produce 4 times the spark energy over the OEM coil packs, has a very fast spark discharge of 10 sparks at the highest RPM. The amperage is increased 100% which generally increases the acceleration of ignition and combustion process.



You can purchase these parts and/or find more info at these links below:

Ignition Project Coil Packs

Collinite Wax

Tomioka Racing


Special thanks to our sponsors for supporting us:

AEM Electronics, Tomioka Racing, Ignition Project, Agency Power, Collinite Wax, LIQUI-MOLY, OS Giken

Porsche 997T: STAGE 1

February 7th, 2015 by alexs


I will be starting a series of blogs covering our 997 Turbo build process. I think I’ll label each blog a Stage, just like what we’re doing with our car. What is the first usual mod many enthusiast decide to swap on their car? Intake? Exhaust?

Well we started off with the exhaust, the OEM exhaust weights in roughly at 45 LBS!! Now that’s way too heavy. So what we did was we reach out to our good friends at Agency Power for a Titanium catback exhaust. Not only do they develop and create parts that look good, but they are also functional. Their Ti catback weights in at a whopping 21.25 LBS now that’s a little under half of what the OEM exhaust weights in. Not only are we getting a lighter exhaust but the performance gains along with it are huge. We got a quicker throttle response from the larger piping which is 60mm throughout the entire system help with unrestricting the turbochargers. This system also included Hi-Flow cats as well. My favorite part about this catback is the sound it makes, we all know when switching to a titanium exhaust the exhaust note changes dramatically and man  car sounds just amazing…


Agency Power Ti Catback

Agency Power Ti Catback

We had Tomioka Racing design a Stainless Steel header for the 997 Turbo. Tomioka Racing sent us a header made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel (ss), with ported and matched flanges. When I first thought of the idea I was this is going to be a long process.  Well I was completely wrong… the headers were pretty easy to install. It did take some hours but it was not difficult. Once we removed the exhaust we basically unbolted the OEM header from the turbo, and then took off the bolts holding it to the cylinder head. It was actually easier than doing a header install on a WRX/STI, at least in my opinion. With the added stainless steel headers from Tomioka Racing the spool time on the turbo was much faster due to the match porting that was done on the headers.

Tomioka Racing 997 Header

Tomioka Racing 997 Header

One of the biggest issues when running high boost on the 997 Turbo is from the diverter valve; the 996TT had the same problem as well. The stock valves use a rubber diaphragm which will leak boost at high rpms. The OEM BRVS (Boost Recirculation Valves) also deteriorates over time as well which can cause a boost leak. With our car we are planning on using every bit of boost the car can offer so we cannot allow a boost leak to happen. Once again Agency Power sent us a set of their BRVS to replace the OEM ones we had on the turbo. Each Valve was CNC machined from 6061 Aluminum, inside each base is an aluminum piston that has been 3D machined. The piston is hard anodized along included were o-rings that allowed an air tight seal as the piston moved up and down.  These make a great OEM replacement for the OEM BRVS as to replace them only takes unbolting 3 allen head bolts from the OEM BRVS and replacing with the Agency Power BRVS.

*On the dyno we noticed quicker response getting into boost, it’s a must upgrade since I feel the stock boost is “mild”

OEM Turbo with Agency Power BRV

OEM Turbo with Agency Power BRV

So up next is getting the car tuned, we purchased a COBB AP which had included OTS maps. So it really was an easy install and we quickly got the car running after flashing in the stage  1 map. With the current mods on the car, the car gained a bit of power at 413whp 398tq. Not bad for a street car, we were really happy with the outcome.

One of the first things we actually notice when we first started the 997 Turbo project, was the OEM Engine mounts. They were designed to actually move back and forth which had a really bad side effect on the driver. It felt really weird off the line, during breaking, and shifting.  We got in contact with Torque Solutions for a Semi Solid engine mount. Torque solutions designed there engine mount using lightweight 6061-T6 billet aluminum and polyurethane. This modification itself has a huge effect on everything, meaning the driver feels more of the car, and the car itself has improved 60ft times off the line, doesn’t move around as much. Most people would think these engine mounts would create more vibration like solid mounts in race cars, but Torque Solution has got it down to were it’s not as bad as Solid Mounts.

Torque Solution Engine Mount

Torque Solution Engine Mount

After installing the Agency Power BRVS, we decided to flash in a more aggressive map from COBB; we flashed the ap to stage 2. Stage 2 gave us some problems… not really bad problems but a problem. The over boost function stopped working in Sport Mode. Which made the car react really weird around 4K RPM? It would build boost, then stutter until over 4K RPM.  After the initial test drive, we decided to apply a custom tune on our DynoPack, which got rid of the hesitation at 4K RPM. The final tune results ended in 566WHP 504TQ.

997 comparison dyno

You can purchase these parts and/or find more info at these links below:

Torque Solution Engine Mounts

Agency Power Ti Cat Back and BRVS

Tomioka Racing Headers


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Tim M. Subaru Outback

February 3rd, 2015 by alexs

Tim is one of our returning customers, he has always trusted us with working on his Subaru Outback, his next trip to us was something we didn’t expect to do, but I guess it was about that time were the torque converter had to be replaced and the automatic transmission be completely redone. While we were at it, we also replaced his front O2 Sensor, MAF sensor, did a boost leak test, and replaced his rear main seal. Tim has a really healthy running car and with the added addition of a newly rebuilt automatic transmission I’m sure this car will be on the road for a very very long time.

Tyler P. 06 EVO

February 3rd, 2015 by alexs

Tyler dropped off his 06 EVO IX for some work to be done. When I first saw his evo it was a very well set up car from the RPF1 to the GT Style wing which gave a subtle aggressive street look. I really like what he has done.

Onto what we have done, we installed a set of Cosworth Camshafts and a larger fuel pump. The cams do add a mild lope and makes the car just sound simply beautiful. This should be a very fun street car for him to drive daily or simply a canyon cruise on the weekend.

Kenny T. 04 WRX

February 3rd, 2015 by alexs

Kenny dropped off his 04 WRX to have a few things upgraded on his car. The best thing any owner of a WRX can do is simply upgrade the turbo. Kenny had purchased a Tomioka Racing TD05-18G turbo for his car and was anxious to get it on. Well don’t we all get anxious when we get new parts to install? Here is a list of what has been done to his WRX

Tomioka Racing TD05-18G

Larger Injectors

Larger Fuel Pump

Up-Pipe w/ EWG

Turbo XS Top Mount Intercooler

COBB adjustable internal wastegate bracket

Once we had all his new parts installed, we finally got the car on the dyno and ready for a custom tune.

With the custom tune Kenny’s car made 270WHP and 227TQ at 15PSI tapered to 10PSI on 91oct. which gave him a net gain of 48whp and 39tq from the stock set up.

2013 Subaru STi Hits 390WHP

January 24th, 2015 by admin

We recently worked on turbo upgrade for 2013 Subaru STi who customer wished to add more power before doing engine internals upgrade.  The car arrived with Injector Dynamics 1000cc fuel injectors, AEM Cold Air intake, headers, downpipe and 3-port boost solenoid. The customer chose the latest bolt-on Tomioka Racing Hybrid ball bearing TD05-GT28 turbocharger with Billet compressor wheel for his upgraded turbo.

Tomioka Racing ball bearing turbo uses genuine Garrett Ball Bearing and complemented the CHRA with their proprietary aerodynamic turbo blade design.  The size of the hybrid turbo is similar to Garrett GT28. The turbo also came with billet 1.3 bar waste-gate actuator and 8cm turbine housing.

With a conservative tune and peak boost at 18psi, the car hit 339whp and 354 lbs/ft of torque.  Target boost was achieved at less than 4500rpm. The next addition for the customer is the front mount intercooler kit, Tial QR Blow-Off Valve and Tomioka Racing temperature controlled Oil cooler kit and VP C16 Race Gas. We’re pushing the envelope on the turbo and stock EJ25 block.

With peak boost at 23psi, the car powered to almost 390whp and 390 lbs/ft of torque. The target boost was hit slightly later at 4650rpm.   The peak boost level was held back by the 3-port boost solenoid not able to regulate past peak boost of 23 psi. Otherwise the car could easily push beyond 400whp with the current set-up.  We’ll have to see if customer is willing to switch to better 3-port boost solenoid to experience the full potential of his build in the near future.  Overall this is a very efficient ball bearing bolt-on turbo for enthusiast who likes quick response and those who aspire to go beyond 400whp.

Other modifications on this car include Tomioka Racing Air & Oil Separator, 17lbs lightweight battery and throttle controller.