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M7 R600 Nissan GT-R Driving Impression in Sepang Track Malaysia with N. Taniguchi

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

We’re fortunate to be in Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia to witness the first driving impression of M7 R600 tuned-up 2008 Nissan Skyline GT-R R35. Sepang International Circuit is F1 circuit is known for its sweeping corners and wide straights and its unusual layout that has a very long back straight separated from the pit straight by one very tight hairpin. Driving the GT-R R600 was no other than Nobuteru Taniguchi. The name that’s synonymous with top race car driver. There was no one better to test drive the M7 R600 tuned GT-R.

M7 R600 Nissan GT-

M7 R600 Nissan GT-R

M7 R600 Nissan GT-R

M7 R600 Nissan GT-R

M7 R600 Nissan GT-R








The black Nissan GT-R was prepared by M7 engineers before going down the track for test drive. All of us were certain that Taniguchi was not going to hold back driving the R600 GT-R on one of the most unique circuit.

Taneguchi preparing R600 Nissan GT-R

Taniguchi preparing R600 Nissan GT-R

Taneguchi preparing R600 Nissan GT-R

Taniguchi preparing R600 Nissan GT-R

Taneguchi behind M7 R600 Nissan GT-R

Taniguchi behind M7 R600 Nissan GT-R








Besides M7 Bride seat, carbon fiber front under lip, side-skirt, rear under spoiler, the GT-R looked and sounded factory. Under the frame, the GT-R had M7 Titan muffler which featured Titanium burnt tip appearance coupled by M7 high-flow center pipe to soothe the exhaust bottleneck. Under the hood, the GT-R still owner still kept the car in fairly low profile with M7 power flow filter, hyper sound blow-off valve, M7 actuator and M7 camshaft. Lubricating the twin-turbo engine was M7 1000HP Pro Racing oil with the M7 GT magnet type oil filter. As the GT-R is pushing 613HP with the tune from M7, cooling and stopping the 3800 lbs machine is essential. Cooling the VR38DETT engine is M7 super cooling radiator coolant, M7 oil catch can and M7 competition type-R intercooler kit.  Stopping the GT-R is M7 7000C brake pads made for brembo caliper with the M7 Super B5 brake fluids. Handling the power from the engine is the M7 high-performance damper kit.

M7 Titan Muffler

M7 Titan Muffler

VR38DETT Engine

VR38DETT Engine

VR38DETT Engine Bay

VR38DETT Engine Bay

VR38DETT Engine Bay

VR38DETT Engine Bay














Besides sporting M7 Bride seats signed by Taniguchi, the GT-R had the M7 super throttle controller and Electronic Boost Controller (E-BC) inside the cabin. As far as engine dress-up, the GT-R puts on M7 engine oil cap and radiator cap.

The R600 GT-R puts almost 613 HP and 672 Nm (Approximately 495 ft/lbs) of torque on the dyno and it was time to test the GT-R on one of the most difficult track in the world. In no time Taniguchi had disappeared into the track and completed 3 full laps.


M7 R600 Nissan GT-R on corner

M7 R600 Nissan GT-R on corner









2008 Nissan Skyline GT-R factory power and torque rating is 480HP and 430 ft/lbs respectively. To achieve gain of almost 133 HP from virtually camshaft replacement, intercooler upgrade and ECU tuning is remarkable. It’s without question that this upgrade still maintained the GT-R daily drive-ability for daily driver customers and the M7 high flow muffler sounded like factory exhaust.

Nissan GTR R600 Dyno

Nissan GTR M7 R600 Dyno










Check out more pictures of the M7 R600 Nissan GT-R and Taniguchi on our Facebook and  interview with Taniguchi on the driving impression of the R600 on our youtube channel!

M7 Japan in GT500 Fuji Speedway

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

M7 participated in 2011 GT500  in partnership with Kondo Racing GTR in Japan Fuji Speedway. M7 Advan Kondo GT-R accomplished 7th place in round 2.



















































EDO 10th Anniversary Open House Post Release

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

On April 30, 2011, EDO Performance celebrated its tenth anniversary by hosting an event at our shop located in Huntington Beach, California. The highlight of the event was an open invitation for cars of all makes and models. We had all sorts of cars show up including Subaru, Mitsubishi and more.

Starting from 10am, our parking lot was filled with a bustling crowd of car enthusiasts, socializing and having a good time. We invited Motul to display a full line of performance lubricants and they offered a great promotion, buy 1 get 1 free on that day. SoCal EVO was here to show support to our event.

There was raffle drawing starting on every hour starting from 12pm, containing lots of prizes donated by many vendors including Tomioka Racing, Motul, M7 Japan and Lot USA. The grand prize for the raffle was a Tomioka Racing 11 lbs light weight battery.

We supplied burgers, hot-dogs, chips and drinks for everyone in attendance as well as entertainment for the day. We proudly invited DJ Bobby Play to play the cool music and two game booths (dart toss and basketball shoot) to win gifts such as T-shirts, key chains, plate frames, stickers and decals.

Overall this was an exciting day and it appeared that everyone attending had a great time. We would like to thank all of the vendors, shops, and individuals who showed up to support our shop on its fifth anniversary. And of course, we would also like to thank the local community for attending and making our event a success.

Visitors showing up

EDO display cars

Motul Booth

SoCal EVO Booth

M7 Japan Booth

DJ Bobby Play

EDO Part Sales

Lunch Time!

Let’s see who win the grand raffle prize…

M7 Japan R600 GT-R features on Octane Report

Friday, May 6th, 2011

5 Best R35 Nissan GT-R from the Tokyo Auto Salon

By OR Staff, photography by Christopher Jue

1. Top Secret Super GT-R

The distinctive gold Top Secret scheme was found on only one GT-R this year but what a demo car it was. Using a Top Secret BB900 turbo kit, JUN cams, HKS pistons, and connecting rods, the Top Secret Super GT-R puts out just under 900hp at 7,000RPM. A HKS Kansai Service rear limited-slip differential has been added along with a Dotson stronger first gear and clutch kit.


2. Gallant Abflug GT-R

During 2010, body kit maker Abflug joined forces with European specialist J.N. Hephaiss (also a Japan-based tuning company). The union has now given birth to Gallant Abflug, a new brand that specializes in high-end cars such as the R35 Nissan GT-R, Porsche 911 GT3, and Ferrari F430. This R35 Nissan GT-R was the highlight of their stand, packing almost 630hp using a free-flowing exhaust and increased boost. Gallant Abflug claims that this car has run a best quarter-mile time of 10.8-seconds.


3. Mine’s 2011 GT-R

Mine’s used the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon show to showcase their Super Response Complete Engine, which was on display both inside and outside of this GT-R. Custom built by Mine’s, the Super Response Complete Engine is a VR38DETT that has been torn apart, hand built, and fit with new pistons and connecting rods. The setup will run you between $30,000-$50,000. Adding on the upgraded turbocharger kit will run you an extra $5,000-$10,000. That’s a pretty big hit on the wallet, this is real life, not Gran Turismo, but the engine produces almost 800hp with supposedly smooth drivability.

Mine’s also took a significant amount of weight out of the portly R35 Nissan GT-R with the aid of carbon fiber. Lots and lots of carbon fiber. The lightweight composite has been used in the hood, trunk, doors, and wing, shedding weight. Mine’s also took the less flashy approach by color-matching the carbon fiber pieces, leaving carbon visible only in the minor body accents. Matched with Mine’s distinctively subtle gray stripe and signature logo, this GT-R is sure to surprise more than a few Ferraris and Vipers.


4. Sumo Power FIA GT1 GT-R Racecar

Sumo Power’s Nissan GT-R GT1 is an almost 600hp turbocharged racing machine that regularly takes on Aston Martin DB9s, Corvettes, and Maserati MC12s. Typical stops for the FIA GT1 race series include Abu Dhabi, France, and England. Sumo Power claims that the louvers and aerodynamics don’t give enough downforce to be fully competitive, so the GT-R is purposely setup for low drag. This gives it an advantage at high-speed circuits.


5. M7 Japan R600 GT-R

With their company image centered around motorsports, M7 Japan is involved in Super GT and the D1GP, sponsoring RE Amemiya. The drift RX-7, driven by Imamura, was the 2010 D1GP champion while the GT300 RX-7 took third place in last year’s championship. Nobuteru “NOB” Taniguchi, one of the drivers of the Super GT M7 RE Amemiya RX-7, also took second place in the 2010 Japan Civic Championship one-make race.

Their tuned GT-R, called the R600, uses a combination of free-flowing exhaust, boost control, ECU tune, and intakes to generate 600hp. M7 Japan also fit the car with their own branded suspension kit, forged monoblock brake kit, and performance brake pads.

It comes as little surprise that M7 Japan takes this R35 out on track regularly and didn’t fit a chunky, high-concept body kit to it. They decided to keep it simple – 600hp, brakes, suspension, cooling, and good tires – and then drive the piss out of it. We can relate to that.

Modified Magazine’s Peter Tarach 2008 WRX Sedan Project

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

This project car was a good display of our drive not to accept what is available on the market and create a unique experience for our customer. As many Subaru enthusiasts know the 2008+ WRX sedan hasn’t gotten much love from the aftermarket companies. One of the most costly upgrades for the WRX sedan is the dual muffler set up.

It is an expensive cat-back to replace with aftermarket unit because of the two mufflers and the amount of hardware involved. Not only do the replacement cat-backs cost a pretty penny they aren’t the best for flow because they need to split the exhaust gas flow and then add two mufflers for twice the restriction of flow.

Enter M7 Japan, an emerging performance company with a reputation for racing and for quality. They make many different cat-backs for everything from the Honda Fit all the way to the mighty Nissan GT-R. We have been lucky enough to have worked very closely with them on some USDM specific units such as the 2008+ WRX wagon cat-back and the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X cat-back exhaust here at EDO Performance. Now it was time for a new project, a single exit exhaust for Peter’s 2008 WRX sedan.


We started the project with an M7 08’+ wagon exhaust knowing that the mid pipe was the same design as the sedan but that the axle back would have to be all custom. We bolted up the mid pipe and got to work. I took about 4 hours of cutting and welding before we had a finished product that represented the M7 Japan name with the respect it deserved.



The finished cat-back looks and sounds amazing not to mention it saves about 30lbs over the SPT cat-back we removed. We’re looking forward to dyno’ing the car to see actual hp gains. Click the link for exhaust sound,


Next on our list for Peter’s car was the Tomioka Racing Air Oil Separator. Subaru EJ series engines are known for crankcase oil vapor issues, the TR AOS solves these issues by giving the hot oil vapor somewhere to condense and then drain back into the engine through the factory oil filler tube. The install is fairly easy just add a hose here and there then route to the AOS and all done! The reduction in oil found in the intercooler and inlet tube is physically noticeable. It is amazing such a simple mod can improve gas mileage and help prevent detonation.


We finished the car and sent it back to its owner with great praise from him for a clean install and great products!

M7 Japan Technical Advisor

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011


Taniguchi with M7 EVO

Taniguchi with M7 Subaru

Taniguchi & Orido with M7 GTR & Honda

Amasan with M7 RX8


M7 Japan advertise on Option Magazine

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Nobuteru Taniguchi’s Special Edition M7 Bride Racing Seat!

Saturday, January 29th, 2011


M7 Bride Special Edition Nobuteru Taniguchi Racing Seat

Get your hands on one today!

The M7 Limited Edition Nobuteru Taniguchi Racing seat are the same seats used by Taniguchi in the GT racing series in Japan when he is driving for M7. Each seat features a custom embroidered logo on top with Taniguchi’s name and are FIA approved so you can do some of your own GT racing! Each seat comes with a silver metallic shell and features a non slip buckskin shoulder support.

Supplies are limited get one before they run out!

Click here to order.

Visit to M7 Japan!

Friday, January 28th, 2011

While we were at the Tokyo Auto Salon this year we stopped by M7 Japan.

Here’s a preview of what we saw!

more @ EDO Performance’s facebook!

Automotive Cooling Technology by M7 Japan

Friday, January 7th, 2011


M7 Super Cooling Square Oil Catch Tank

M7 Super Cooling Square Oil Catch Tank

M7 Super Cooling Oil Catch Tank collects the oil, moisture and blow-by gas that causes carbon and sludge build-up in the intake system and engine. An oil catch tank also will give your car the race look.

M7-SOTC-14: In stock!

EDO Performance for all your M7 Japan Needs!